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Erdogan will close the Bosphorus to Russian warships

In an attempt to contain Russia in Syria, Turkey intends to close the passage through the Bosphorus to Russian ships.

The active promotion of the Syrian army in Idlib and Aleppo, associated with large-scale support for Russia, in particular, the transfer of arms, equipment and ammunition to the Syrian troops, forces Erdogan to close the passage to Russian warships through the Bosphorus, and in the very near future.

Blocking the Russian warships from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea may allow Erdogan to gain time by sending terrorists to attack, however, given such actions by Ankara, Russia can easily close the Turkish-Syrian border, which will leave the militants without weapons and ammunition, while , such a rash move by Erdogan can seriously undermine relations with Moscow.

“Turkey can indeed close the passage through the Bosphorus to Russian warships, which will disrupt the supply of weapons to Syria. Nevertheless, the SAA has enough armored vehicles to deter even powerful attacks by militants, and retaliatory strikes will certainly lead to attacks on Turkish checkpoints. ”, - the expert marks.

Earlier, Turkish politicians had already urged Erdogan to block Russia’s passage through the Bosphorus, however, the Turkish leader did not support such a proposal, apparently suggesting that Russia would regard this as an open challenge.

Turkey holds both straits and a gas pipe with both hands, and as Admiral Kasatonov said, compare the number of pennants and shots of the Turkish and Russian fleets in the region, so you will have to put on the political scales of the Syrian emperor and mutually beneficial cooperation with Constantinople.

This used to be a declaration of war !!

C'mon, then where will the Turks put their tomatoes?

Close the sky (no-fly zone) using EW

It is high time...

Not necessary. This can happen if Turkey sees a military threat in Russia's actions.

And where in the article did you read about "closing the skies over Turkey"?

And how can Russia close the skies over Turkey, what kind of nonsense)))

Close straits for our Navy, in accordance with the Montreux conference, Turkey can only be at war with Russia.

And I have been saying for a long time that on the one hand we get a bandwagon from Turkey, and on the other hand we bring them rubles and dollars.
In general, is it patriotic to Russia’s homeland?

The most interesting thing is that if the Bosphorus is closed and Russia closes the sky over Turkey, who will win in the end?

Guys, here and NATO will come in time, because Turkey, her mother, a member, you yourself know what and what

Yes, it's time, the Bosphorus to take control. It is necessary to change the name of the Black Sea to the historical .Russian Sea.

This will be, it seems, the fifteenth defeat of the Turks in the Russian-Turkish “trials” over the past 200 years.

And why then the name of the ships - the military? So that the Turks indicate where you can go, and where not?

Got Game?

Turks have Turks nothing good to expect from them

And if, like the Syrians, Russia begins to help the Kurds seriously?

It starts at the signal of Three green whistles up

Violation or withdrawal from the Strait Treaty will cost Turkey primarily because it will lose the right to administer shipping in the area.

In response to the closure of the Bosphorus - Russia will close the Syrian-Turkish border? I looked at hundreds of kilometers of the Syrian-Turkish border, which also goes along rugged, mountainous terrain .. I wonder what is easier: to block a narrow and long spillway, or it?

If they close, then the Russian air forces will receive a green missile for direct confrontation and for the open destruction of Turkish military equipment. Erdogan understands this ...