Russian military in Syria


Erdogan was convicted of a lie: Russia did not give permission to storm Kobani and Manbij

Moscow categorically rejects the Turkish military invasion of Syria.

Moscow has officially denied the fact that Turkey was given permission to take control of a number of Syrian cities and towns in the north of the Arab Republic. Despite the fact that the Turkish president personally voiced this information, it is completely untrue.

It should be clarified that today Turkey is sending an assault on Syrian cities and settlements by jihadists, thereby trying to avoid possible clashes with the Russian military.

The night before, the terrorists had already made several attempts to storm the Syrian Manbridge, however, the prevailing forces of the Syrian Arab Army, as well as the Russian air forces and the Syrian air forces brought to full alert, were able to make the attacks completely useless.

To date, significant forces of militants and terrorists have been transferred to the northern part of Syria from Idlib - according to various sources, the number of jihadists is from 15 to 22 thousand people, which is 7-8 times the Syrian forces present here.