The fantastic flight of the Russian An-26 over the island of Serpents and the departure from Ukrainian missiles was filmed

The Russian An-26 made a fantastic mission to Zmeiny Island, miraculously avoiding an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. journalists had at their disposal unique video footage depicting the mission of the Russian An-26 military transport aircraft. The Russian military board delivered sets of special equipment and communications to the Russian servicemen, however, at the same time, it was almost shot down from man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems of the Ukrainian military.

In the video footage, you can see how a Russian military aircraft passes just a few tens of meters from the surface of the water and dumps cargo on Snake Island. The latter was intended for the Russian military and there was actually no other way to deliver it to Zmeiny. The Ukrainian military discovered the Russian plane and fired two missiles at it from MANPADS, however, thanks to successful maneuvering, the Russian pilots managed to divert the military aircraft from the strike.

According to the data provided, the incident took place on May 8, 2022, while no information about such a mission was previously publicly available.


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