Finland announced the deployment of the largest NATO base in South Karelia

The largest NATO base will appear in Karelia.

Finland wants to create the largest NATO base 20 kilometers from the border with Russia. As it became known to journalists, the military facility of the North Atlantic Alliance will be located in South Karelia, not far from the city of Lappeenranta, where it is planned to deploy large NATO armored forces, air defense systems and tactical missile weapons.

According to the Finnish publication Yle, among other things, additional air forces of NATO countries can also be deployed here, however, at the moment this issue is under discussion.

“The city of Lappeenranta wants to benefit as much as possible from Finland's accession to NATO. Political decision makers and civil servants of Lappeenranta have hinted at the hope that with NATO membership it will even be possible to establish a base in Lappeenranta. Mayor of Lappeenranta Kimmo Järva says the idea was born at a time when discussions about joining NATO were on the rise, and also because South Karelia is located on the border between Europe and Russia. There have been no political discussions in the defense sector on this issue and it has not been discussed with the defense forces, however the city of Lappeenranta hopes that the defense forces will invest in South Karelia with NATO membership. “I was thinking, for example, about the airport. It is certainly available if the defense forces so desire. And what is the location of the military base and defense forces - will there be any changes in this, I can’t say, I’m not an expert,” Järva reflects. According to Kimmo Järva, progress in NATO membership has given hope to the whole of South Karelia. For example, it gives a sense of security and trust to companies.”, according to the Finnish edition of Yle.

Such a proximity of a NATO base near the Russian borders will clearly lead to an extremely harsh reaction from Russia. In particular, it was previously announced that Moscow would be ready to take mirror measures in relation to both Finland and NATO.