EW system


Photo fact: EW system in Syria prevented Israeli missile defense systems from shooting down Palestinian missiles

Syria's EW system killed the radars of the Israeli missile defense system.

The unsuccessful reflection of the Palestinian rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense systems received a logical explanation. As it turned out, from the territory of Syria the unknown electronic warfare systems, which, by the way, are available only in the armament of Russia and Iran, affected the areas where Israeli missile defense systems were located, and this fact is perfectly confirmed by satellite data.

Missed Israeli missiles, spontaneous launches in the absence of a threat, spontaneous detonation - all this is explained by the active influence of electronic suppression, located, apparently, only a few kilometers from the Israeli border.

As can be seen in the satellite images presented, the impact of an unknown electronic warfare system extends over more than a hundred kilometers, and only Russia and Iran have such electronic warfare in Syria.

Previously, social networks have already published photos and videos on which it was quite possible to see problems with the operation of Israeli missile defense systems - the most striking example is the launch of a missile defense in the absence of targets and its subsequent spontaneous explosion