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France asked Russia for help in evacuating its military from Syria

France needed the help of the Russian military in Syria.

The news agency Al Masdar News, referring to the president of the Institute for Prospects and Security in Europe, Emmanuel Dupuis, reports that the French military, currently in Syria, need help in evacuating, and it was decided to turn to Russia directly for help .

As the French specialist notes, in order to ensure the withdrawal of French troops from the northern part of Syria, France, most likely, Russian assistance will be required.

"French special forces need Russia's military assistance to withdraw their troops from the north-eastern region of Syria"- said the president of the Institute for Prospects and Security in Europe.

There are currently no official comments on this subject either from Paris or from Moscow, while experts draw attention to the fact that if the US refuses to withdraw from the French military, this could be a serious blow to military cooperation with the American side .

“France does not have much time, since already on Tuesday Turkey can resume the offensive, using both artillery and aviation”, - the expert marks.

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