French military will open fire on British ships if they approach French borders

A serious armed conflict is brewing between France and Great Britain.

France intends to use against two British ships that approached the French borders, real weapons in the event of an escalation of tension and violation of the country's territorial waters. The menacing statement came after London decided to take control of part of the waters of French territory, and, apparently, Paris does not intend to joke with London in this situation, even despite the fact that both countries are members of NATO.

At the moment, the conflict flares up against the backdrop of the French blockade of the British island of Jersey in response to the UK's actions to use the English Channel for fishing, while attempts to resolve the conflict through diplomatic means only led to the fact that it turned from a political into a potential armed one.

It is known that France has deployed at least three warships to ensure the security of its territorial waters, and there is some evidence that they may begin a blockade of the British island of Jersey.

At the moment, things have not come to direct clashes in the English Channel, however, the situation in the region remains very tense.