French ship rammed British ship amid escalation in the English Channel

The blockade by the French military on the British island of Jersey could escalate into an armed conflict.

A few hours ago, a dangerous incident occurred in the English Channel, which could develop into a full-fledged armed conflict between France and Great Britain. Thus, according to information available to the editors of the news agency Avia.pro, a British ship trying to approach the island of Jersey was rammed by a French ship, as a result of which the British ship received some damage. The UK has already reacted harshly to this and sent at least two warships to the scene of the incident and the actual blockade of the British island, while France sent three warships to the region.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the ramming of a British sea vessel by a French boat, while this is not an accidental collision, but a deliberate attack by the French.

Experts note that if Great Britain wants to use force against French ships that are already blocking approaches to Jersey, France will also use its warships against the British fleet.

At the moment, the conflict has not been resolved through diplomatic means.

Looked, neighing ... Kindergarten! They would have collided with each other on inflatable mattresses!

A mighty fleet went out to sea ...

It remains to show how 2 inflatable boats collided on a rowing run.

The driver of the French boat, as shown in the video, will be deprived of his driver's license for 1 year, and retake the exams for his license in England.

Collision of two ships !!! Fishing boats.

oh, the boats have already become ships. soon a fight between tourists will be called military conflicts.

I don’t understand, the island is British, but why do the French climb there?

These cruisers are not rubber, by any chance?