Houthis again launched a powerful missile strike at the largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia

The largest oil distribution station of the Saudi Aramco company was destroyed by a cruise missile strike.

Yemeni rebels once again launched a powerful missile attack on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, destroying the country's largest oil distribution station, Saudi Aramco. The strike was inflicted by an Iranian Quds-2 cruise missile, while the facility was completely destroyed, which partially paralyzed the pumping of oil both through Saudi Arabia and to neighboring countries.



“The representative of the armed forces of the Yemeni rebels from the Ansar Allah (Houthis) movement Yahya Saria reported on Twitter about the rocket attack on the distribution station of the oil and gas state company Saudi Aramco in the Saudi city of Jeddah. “The missile force was able to hit the Aramco distribution station in Jeddah with a Quds 2 cruise missile,” a Houthi military spokesman said in a statement. Yahya Sariya added that the attack "was very accurate" and ambulances and firefighters arrived at the scene. The Houthis advised foreign companies and citizens who operate in Saudi Arabia to stay away from vital facilities as such operations will continue. ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency ""

On the presented footage, you can see the moment the Quds-2 cruise missile hit one of the objects of the oil distribution station. Noteworthy is the fact that the city of Jeddah is located 600 kilometers from the border with Yemen, and the airspace near it is protected by the American Patriot complexes, which were never able to intercept the missile.

So far, there are no official comments from the Saudi Arabian authorities on this matter.

Critics of the S-300 are not visible :)

It turns out that the problems with the interception of low-flying targets from the Patriot, identified during the 2003 Iraqi war, have not yet been resolved. Apparently low-flying cruise missiles are a very "tough nut to crack" even for modern air defense systems!