Ukrainian military were surrounded in one of the regions of Karabakh

Ukrainian soldiers were rescued from encirclement in Karabakh.

A few days before the actual end of the military conflict on the territory of Karabakh, several Ukrainian servicemen were surrounded by the troops of the Artsakh army during the retreat of the Azerbaijani army. It was supposed to take control of this area within the next 72 hours, however, due to the signing of a tripartite memorandum on de-escalation of the situation and the cessation of hostilities, it was not possible to capture Ukrainian officers.

According to some reports, the Ukrainian military provided cover for the combat aviation of the Azerbaijan Air Force during the strikes on the territory of Karabakh.

According to Russian information resources, on the territory of Karabakh, about two dozen military personnel from Ukraine took part in the hostilities, who controlled air defense and electronic warfare equipment, which, by the way, played a very important role in this conflict. According to Russian media reports, on November 30, 2020, a special plane is to arrive in Baku to pick up Ukrainian servicemen.

“The Ukrainian military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were in Azerbaijan during the war against Artsakh. On November 30, about 20 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will return to Kiev on a special flight from Baku. This was announced by the Tsibul telegram channel. The Ukrainian military attended the joint exercises of Azerbaijan and Turkey in August as observers, and then remained for the period of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh. Among them are military specialists of the GUR, Air Defense and Electronic Warfare. What role they played in this war is unknown, however, we recall that Ukrainian airlines were used to transfer weapons and terrorists from Turkey and Afghanistan to Baku ", - this is reported by Telegram, the channel of the Russian information publication Infoteka24.

It should be noted that earlier Kiev was suspected of transferring weapons to Azerbaijan, but the Ukrainian side did not officially comment on such information.

What retreat of the Azerbaijani army are we talking about? From the first to the last days, the Armenians only retreated. Territories were cleared every day. And not a single report that the Armenians were able to repulse something. On the last day the Azerbaijanis took Shusha and 70 !!! sat down. It was a complete failure of Armenia, which immediately asked the world and announced that it agreed to all conditions. The Armenian army is practically destroyed. From the very beginning of the war, Armenia lied all about its losses of manpower and military equipment. How many days after the war Armenia is still printing the lists of the dead, giving out everything in small portions so as not to show big losses. Several times Armenia denied the loss of settlements, and called the flight a tactical retreat

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