Iranian Air Defense


Iran attacks an Israeli plane that violated Syrian airspace

Iranian air defenses without warning attacked an Israeli plane that violated the Syrian border.

An Israeli fighter that entered Syrian airspace to deliver further strikes on the territory of the Arab Republic was discovered and attacked by an unknown Iranian air defense system. It is reported that the rocket, for unknown reasons, could not hit the Israeli plane, which was probably facilitated by the use of electronic warfare equipment. This is the first time that the Iranian military has launched an attack against Israeli aggressive actions in Syria.

At the same time, there are different versions of what happened - according to some sources, an Israeli fighter discovered the location of the Iranian air defense complex and destroyed it, while a number of sources report that Israeli aircraft were forced to retreat, fearing the launch of several more anti-aircraft missiles.

“Iranian missiles were fired at Israeli fighters during the attack in Syria. Israeli aircraft identified the target and destroyed it. A US source said: "We are considering steps to be taken if Iran does not return to the negotiating table.", - said in one of the messages.

“Direct clash between Israel and Iran in Syria. The Iranians tried to shoot down an Israeli plane, the Israeli Air Force attacked Iranian targets in Syria ", - another version of what happened.

At the same time, the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" reported, with reference to the IDF command, that the Israeli military is really aware of the deployment of Iranian air defenses in Syria. Now this can become a rather big problem for Israel, since earlier, according to the agreements between Damascus and Moscow, Iranian air defense systems were not deployed in Syria.

From the note, I still did not understand who attacked whom. Did Iranian air defenses attack an Israeli plane or did the plane attack Iranian air defenses?

Without warning, an aircraft that violated the border was attacked ... interestingly, the IDF often warns Iran about the time of its attacks ....?