Iran missiles


Iran ready to launch 20000 rockets at Israel

If necessary, Iran can fire 20000 missiles at Israel in less than 2 hours.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has demonstrated the utter uselessness of Israeli weapons against even relatively simple Hamas missiles. In recent days, about 1,5 missiles have been fired into Israel, however, if necessary, Iran is ready to launch a massive missile attack on the territory of the Jewish state, firing up to 20 missiles in just two hours.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Israel in the current armed conflict decided not to bring the situation to a critical point and therefore does not try to blame the Iranian forces for the escalation, knowing full well that after large-scale strikes from the Gaza Strip, the simultaneous launch of 20 thousand missiles by Iran will become a point for this state.

“The power of the Israeli army and Palestinian groups is incomparable, but Israel is already suffering serious losses and calculating multibillion-dollar damage. What to say if Iran wants to strike a blow? None of the existing air defense / missile defense systems in the world can cope with the simultaneous launch of 20 thousand missiles. Probably for this reason Israel prefers not to aggravate the already cold relations with Tehran for the time being. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

At the same time, the countries of the Middle East declared their full solidarity with the Palestinians, and Turkey even announced its readiness to send its troops into the Gaza Strip to counter the Israeli military.

America won't let that happen! Good luck to Israel !!!

Iran will live better than Israel after accepting 20000 missiles on its territory!

Surely longer than Israel after accepting 20000 missiles on its territory!

That's about 10 missiles for every square kilometer of Israel. And if not distractedly, ten times more heap - 100 missiles. After that, Israel will have to think not about a retaliatory strike, but about what to do with the killed and wounded.

And the Turks are ready to stick their noses everywhere

Kaats always offered to surrender ...

A couple of questions ... 20 thousand missiles to Iran Are you serious? And how long will Iran live after striking Israel?