Iran struck a US base in Syria with Fateh-110 missiles - they even reach Israel

The attack on a US base in eastern Syria was carried out by Fateh-110 missiles.

A US military base in the Al-Tanf zone in eastern Syria was hit by a Fateh-110 single-stage solid-propellant surface-to-surface missile. The missile strike came from the area of ​​the Tiyas airbase, where Iranian forces are currently located, while two more attacks on the US base were carried out by drones from neighboring Iraq. It is noteworthy that the capabilities of the Fateh-110 missiles will be enough to strike at the northern part of Israel directly from the Tiyas airbase, and according to various sources, Iran could well have deployed at least 10 mobile launchers on the territory of a military airfield, while how missile ammunition can be estimated at several dozen missiles.

Earlier, pro-Iranian formations announced that in response to the attack on the Tiyas airbase, a strike would be struck not only on the American military base in the Al-Tanf zone, but also on the territory of Israel. At the moment, only the American base has been attacked, however, experts expect a much more powerful blow to the territory of the Jewish state.

The fact that the strike was delivered by the Fateh-110 missile is evidenced by the debris of the missile. Moreover, such missile systems took part in delivering strikes against pro-Turkish groups in Idlib, where the wreckage of these solid-propellant missiles was also found.

The maximum range of the Fateh-110 missile systems is 300 kilometers. This allows you to successfully attack almost any target in Syria.

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