The fighter Chengdu J-10


Iran refused to buy Russian fighters in favor of Chinese Chengdu J-10 fighters

Iran has stopped considering buying Russian fighters, opting for Chinese J-10s.

About a year ago, Russian information resources reported that after the lifting of sanctions on Tehran, Iran plans to purchase a large batch of modern Russian combat aircraft in order to increase the country's defense capability and modernize its air force fleet. Nevertheless, the news agency obtained information that Tehran stopped considering Russia as the main supplier of fighters for its air force, as it opted for the Chinese Chengdu J-10 combat aircraft.

At the moment, it is known that an agreement has been reached between Iran and China on the supply of 36 Chengdu J-10 fighters to the Iranian Air Force, however, within the framework of the negotiations, no agreement has yet been reached on how exactly Tehran will pay for the supply of weapons, since against the background of a serious Due to the economic crisis in the country, Iran is unable to pay for the deal in the usual way, and therefore, payment will be made through the supply of Iranian oil to the PRC, which, by the way, is also Beijing's interest.

What exactly is the reason for the refusal to buy Russian fighters is unknown, however, apparently, Tehran and Moscow failed to agree on the cost of combat aircraft. Moreover, Iran had previously stated that the fighters purchased earlier from Russia were almost completely disabled.

And why is that????

Everything is extremely simple, China is investing money in Iran, and whoever pays calls the tune.

But Iraq is going to buy the MiG-29.

It is clear that Russian aircraft are of very poor quality.

Iran with a cart - it's easier for Russia! We still lacked unnecessary sanctions. Moreover, China is giving some crazy loan to Iran ...