Air Base Khmeimim


Iran hid from Israel with Russian C-400

Iran will cover the Russian military bases in Syria.

In 20 kilometers from the Russian Hmeimim airbase and the Russian Navy base in Tartus, the Iranian Navy base will appear. According to experts, in this way the Iranian military can fully defend itself against any attacks by Israel, which, by the way, continues to violate existing international norms and agreements with Russia, covering its fighter jets with civilian aircraft.

For what purposes Iran intends to create a naval base in Syria, so far remains unknown, but earlier it was also reported about the possible appearance of the Iranian naval base in Latakia.

Russia's position on this issue remains unknown, but experts in turn see Iran’s actions as a very negative side, as this will only increase tensions in the region and alongside Russian military facilities in Syria.

“Iran, of course, intends to use the capabilities of the Russian C-400, which ensure the safety of the Khmeimim airbase against air threats, especially if we take into account the fact that Iranian military facilities are actually under Israel’s constant sight. However, it also poses a threat to the Russian military. ”, - experts note.

And why does Russia need this? Is Iran our ally for us to defend it? Let him buy C-400 from Russia and protect itself.