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Iran deployed its latest air defense systems in Syria

Iran has deployed its own air defense systems in Syria.

Israel’s uncontrolled attacks on Iranian military forces in Syria forced the Iranian military to deliver its own air defense equipment to the country, including the installation, which recalls one of the latest Iranian air defense systems - Bavar-373, which, according to claims a number of analytical resources, a direct analogue of the Russian C-300, but optimized for hitting stealth targets.

It is noteworthy that the air defense systems were spotted at the T4 airbase, where Russian military aircraft are also present, which automatically puts an end to Israeli uncontrolled attacks on Iranian air defense systems, since another precedent with Russia could force the latter to start using its own air defense systems, including C-400, against Israeli aviation in the event of even the slightest threat.

It should be clarified that no official comments have been made by Iran on this subject, however, there are also suggestions that, in fact, we are talking about Iranian cruise missiles, which can be used to launch attacks on Israeli territory, which, by the way, causes a number of doubts.

“Iran has drones, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles that can easily shoot the territory of Israel with no chance for the latter. Their transfer to the territory of Syria is absolutely meaningless ", - the expert notes.

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