Militants escape


Video fact: Syrian fighters cowardly fled, with the sound of the approaching Russian Su-24

Syrian fighters, hearing the sound of the approaching Russian Su-24, scattered in all directions.

The provocative statements by the terrorists who currently control the province of Idlib turned out to be nothing more than an attempt to boast of some non-existent successes. This is evidenced by the unique video frames made by an outdoor surveillance camera at one of the terrorist sites, where you can see how the militants rushed scattered at the very first sound of the approaching Russian Su-24 front-line bomber, which after only a few seconds did not leave the terrorists' warehouse even walls.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the Russian bomber delivers accurate strikes on the positions of the militants, which means that the earlier statements that the Russian military aircraft are uncontrollably bombing Idlib are unreliable.

According to some reports, the terrorist equipment was in the warehouse building, which, judging by the video recording, simply did not have a chance to survive.

It should be clarified that thanks to the support of the Russian air forces, the Syrian army is slowly but successfully liberating Idlib from militants.

According to the author, they should have sat and waited until they opened fire.