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Iran, despite the ban of Russia, has deployed its air defense in Syria

Iranian air defense systems are deployed in Syria.

After another series of Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, official Tehran decided to further strengthen the protection of its units and controlled groups in Syria. Earlier, Iran has repeatedly tried to deploy its air defense systems on the territory of the Arab republic, but this met with resistance from Russia. However, the Syrian army has allowed Tehran to deploy its air defense assets in the country. This allegedly made it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of the Syrian air defense systems, which probably took part in repelling Israeli attacks on Homs and Damascus. The data on this subject are cited by the Israeli edition "Haaretz".

According to the military command of the Israel Defense Forces, Iran has rather quickly deployed its air defense systems not only in Syria, but also in Iraq, as well as in neighboring Lebanon, albeit in very limited quantities.

“The Israeli military has highlighted Iran's growing efforts to strengthen its air defenses in areas where, according to foreign media reports, the Israeli air force has been striking. According to intelligence estimates presented to lawmakers in recent months, Iran is busy deploying surface-to-air missile systems in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere to prevent attacks and shoot down Israeli planes. During one of the recent attacks on Syria attributed to Israel, Syrian soldiers fired missiles at the plane from Iranian-made defense systems. Defense sources say the air defense systems produced by Iran have helped Syria improve its capabilities against Israeli aircraft. According to these sources, the Syrians have managed to shorten the reaction time to Israeli attacks and improve their ability to destroy the munitions fired by Israel in Syria. Officials are concerned about the possibility of these defenses falling into the hands of Iranian-backed terrorist groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen and others. ", - reports the publication "Haaretz".

Remarkable is the fact that recently the effectiveness of Syrian air defense systems has really increased. If the Russian side claimed to improve the Syrian weapons, then Damascus has not yet made any official comments on this matter.


Timely clarification.
(1) So it will be in the future
(2) I am glad that the Kremlin has tried to prohibit something from Iran. If this becomes a trend, then this strange one-sided friendship may end.

All information in the article from non-polite Israeli media is 100% correct. I swear on the health of the neighbor's parrot.

Alas, apparently, he defended poorly. A little more - and completely protected.

Yes ..! Only there was not enough sense ...

Agree! sitting on four chairs for Putin is too expensive for the people of Syria. Or are you an ally or who are you?

I don't understand why Russia can forbid Iran to deploy its missiles if Syria gives the go-ahead.

I will add a little

On Monday, October 25, Israeli media reported that during one of the IDF Air Force operations in Syria, the Iranian military tried to shoot down an Israeli fighter jet.

The reports say that an Iranian-made air defense system installed in Syria was used against Israeli aircraft.

The Kan Bet radio station, citing foreign sources, reported that in the course of this incident, the air force destroyed an Iranian air defense installation, and all the aircraft returned to the base after completing the mission.

Yeah, until Russia came, Syria lost 80% of its territory.

The Iranians are great! And Russia is not a decree for them, tk. they were also invited to fight terrorists (and Israel is a terrorist state) by the leadership of Syria. Russia is not able (or does not want) to prevent Jewish airstrikes on Syria, so let the Iranian air defense take care of this.

Iran does not need to ask Russia to deploy its weapons in Syria. Iran defended Syria before our troops entered.