OTRK Himars


NATO has worked out an operational strike on the ships of the Baltic Fleet

NATO has worked out an unexpected strategy of destroying Russian warships.

A few days ago, the American HIMARS complex was quickly deployed to the Swedish island of Gotland. The latter can be used concurrently as a multiple launch rocket system and as an operational-tactical missile system. Judging by the training conducted, "HIMARS", stationed in Gotland, was used precisely as a tactical weapon. At the same time, in a very short time, NATO worked out strikes against the ships of the Baltic Fleet.

At the moment, the editorial office of the Avia.pro news agency has information that the HIMARS complex was promptly deployed and, within just a few minutes, strikes on conditional Russian warships were practiced - presumably we are talking about Russian waters in Kaliningrad area and at the exit from the Gulf of Finland. After the strikes were delivered, the complexes were quickly relocated, and subsequently taken out again from Gotland by a military transport aircraft.

Given the fact that Sweden is not a NATO member state, this raises certain concerns that the Alliance intends to use the territory of this state to strike at Russia. This could force the Russian side to retaliate.

We draw conclusions, send missiles to the territory of Sweden, to the point of decision-making. This is all of Sweden.

Alexander, you are either poorly informed or an enemy of Russia

Putin’s policy of bringing NATO closer to Russia's borders is no longer surprising. Perhaps he is planning this approach. I would not be surprised if he surrenders Donbass and Lugansk.