Russian military attacked pirates trying to hijack a foreign ship

Russian marines attacked pirates off the coast of Africa trying to hijack a foreign ship.

A group of pirates attempted to attack and hijack a foreign warship in the Atlantic Gulf of Guinea. After the crew broadcast a call for help, a group of Russian marines were dispatched to the crew, who managed not only to prevent the seizure of the container ship Lucia, but also to put the pirates to flight.

According to the information and news agency, a detachment of Russian marines was sent to counter the pirates in the direction of the container ship Lucie in distress. Thanks to the prompt arrival of the Ka-27 helicopter with marines on board, the seizure of the sea vessel was prevented. At the same time, the pirates quickly left the area, having seen the anti-terror group, which, by the way, did not organize a pursuit of the unknown and made only the release of the crew members, providing the latter with all the assistance they needed.

In recent years, attacks on civilian ships off the coast of Africa have increased significantly. This does not exclude the possibility that Russian warships may start patrolling the region, as was the case with the activation of Somali pirates several years ago, when the latter's units were quickly defeated and the situation returned to normal within only a few months.