UAV Bayraktar TB2 again spotted over Donetsk

Ukrainian attack drone again freely entered the airspace of the DPR.

A few hours ago, the Bayraktar TB2 Ukrainian attack unmanned aerial vehicle was again spotted on the outskirts of Donetsk. It is known that the drone was not involved in striking the territories of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics - it carried out an exclusively reconnaissance mission, however, the UAV freely went into the airspace of the unrecognized republic and could well take part in the attack.

According to, this is at least the fourth incident with the appearance of Bayraktar TB2 APU strike drones in DPR airspace. At the same time, the militias have not yet been able to take any steps to eliminate the threat from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Given the current situation in Donbass, it is obvious that Kiev is preparing to repeat the "blitzkrieg" using Turkish drones, as it happened in Karabakh.

The Ukrainian drone was also discovered via a transponder, but already returning from the airspace of the DPR.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with at least 12 attack drones. Moreover, the latter, in addition to independent attacks, can be used to adjust artillery strikes, missile guidance, etc. So far, the situation is by no means unfolding in favor of the self-proclaimed republics and, obviously, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon go on the attack ", - notes the analyst

It should be noted that there are still no official comments on the flights of Ukrainian drones over Donbas from the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.