US Air Force


US deployed a group of fighters near Russian borders

The United States has deployed a large air group of F-16 fighters on Russia's far eastern border.

Against the backdrop of unexpected appearances of Russian fighters near the borders of US airspace, the US Air Force decided to deploy a group of F-16 fighters near the Far Eastern borders of Russia. The exact number of combat aircraft is not disclosed. Located at Shemya airbase, these combat aircraft can pose a threat not only to Russian fighters and bombers, but also to Russian borders, since the fighter airbase is located only 320 kilometers from the Russian borders. This makes it possible for the United States to use these combat aircraft for strikes on Russian territory in just 15-20 minutes.

Among other things, the airfield near the Russian borders can be used to transfer other fighters to the Russian borders. This is a rather serious concern.

“This island is just 200 miles (322 kilometers) off the Russian coast. No other US airfield or aircraft carrier can place planes so close to Russia. ", - reports the publication "Forbes".

At the same time, experts drew attention to the fact that from such a distance Russia can destroy an American military airbase in just a few minutes, because it is within the reach of Russian tactical missiles, Zircon hypersonic missiles and Caliber cruise missiles. ".

Question! There are sea and land miles, how to count?

Moreover, they would pay attention to the internal problems of the country ...

Exercises near the borders of the Russian Federation have become too frequent, and even with the use of nuclear weapons. It seems that in the United States, they are preparing for some event that will force the start of a war, as an option, a financial or stock market crash, a revolution, etc.

Something miles do not converge with kilometers ...