Russian Aerospace Forces fighter first used hypersonic air-to-air missiles

The Russian fighter first detected and successfully destroyed a hypersonic missile target.

The MiG-31BM supersonic fighter was the first to intercept an aerodynamic target in the skies over the Arctic using hypersonic weapons, as evidenced by the information provided by the Al-Masdar News.

According to the Arab news outlet, the target was being intercepted moving at a speed of over 2 MAX.

“For the first time, supersonic interceptors and their carriers were trained in the Arctic. Sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the MiG-31BM fighters of the Pacific Fleet destroyed targets imitating bombers with hypersonic missiles in the stratosphere beyond the Arctic Circle. According to the sources, the target was destroyed from a height of about 20 thousand meters and at a speed of 2,5 MAX, ”reports Al-Masdar News.

Experts draw attention to the fact that at the moment Russian hypersonic weapons are very effective, while Su-57 fighters will also receive air-to-air hypersonic missiles - the latter will be tested in the coming months.

If the target has a speed of 2.5 M, then this is not hypersonic at all. Everything is stuck together, whether the target is hypersonic with the speed of a felt boot, or is it destroyed by a hypersonic air-to-air missile? Only there are still no such missiles at all. A set of nonsense.

And problems with RUSSIAN are incurable. A SHAME.