Fighter F-35


F-35 fighters failed to intercept Russian military aircraft

The Russian Il-96 managed to elude the F-35 fighters.

The Estonian Defense Ministry accused Russia of violating the boundaries of its airspace with the Russian Il-96-300 aircraft. According to the data presented, the Russian military aircraft violated the border of Estonian airspace and remained in it for about one minute, having managed to overcome about 12-15 kilometers. The General Staff of the Estonian Armed Forces announced their intentions to provide evidence of the violation, however, experts draw attention to one very important detail - the F-35 fighters of the Italian Air Force, which arrived in Estonia a few days ago, could not intercept the Russian plane, although the latter was supposed to be intercepted, based on on the data of the Estonian military.

According to the Estonian Defense Ministry, the Russian plane, when approaching the borders of Estonia, not only did not get in touch, but also did not indicate its position - its transponders were turned off, and the Russian side did not provide information about the flight, which is a reason for fighters to take off into the sky. NATO in order to identify the aircraft, which, by the way, already had to patrol the region over the Baltic Sea. Nevertheless, NATO did not have time to raise its combat aircraft - the Russian aircraft could easily elude them.

As for the violation of the Estonian airspace by a Russian aircraft, so far Tallinn's arguments are very unconvincing - recently this is far from the first accusation, however, Estonia has not yet provided any evidence.

Earlier, NATO sent F-35 fighters to Estonia just to counter Russia and to prevent violations of the borders of the airspace of the Alliance countries.