Fighters and bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces effectively responded to the provocation of 15 NATO ships in the Baltic Sea

Russia successfully repelled the provocation of 15 NATO ships in the Baltic Sea.

According to information provided by the Commander of the Baltic Fleet, Admiral Alexander Nosatov, the Russian forces in the Baltic Sea were sufficient to provide an effective response to the provocation of a large group of NATO ships, numbering up to 15 warships, which is constantly present in the region.

The provocative actions of NATO forces are definitely aimed at destabilizing the situation in the region, which is expressed primarily in large-scale exercises and the appearance of Alliance ships near the Russian borders without any need for that. A similar situation is observed in the North Sea, moreover, American ships are already here almost regularly, however, Russian forces are enough to give an effective NATO response.

“Two groups of joint naval forces of NATO countries, numbering up to 15 warships and support vessels, operate on a permanent basis in the region. In the Baltic and North Seas, US Navy destroyers of the "Arleigh Burke" type, which are part of the European missile defense system, are on permanent combat duty. "- said the commander of the Baltic Fleet Alexander Nosatov.

So, in April, Russian military aircraft successfully intercepted NATO ships near their borders - most of all went to the crew of the American missile destroyer "Donald Cook", to protect which Belgian F-16 fighters had to be raised, however, by this time, the Russian Aerospace Forces had already managed to drive away a group of warships that were with the destroyer Donald Cook. 

Do the official structures know about this? Do they comment on something? Or is it the author's fantasies?

We read by syllables. "To repulse the provocation," now it has become clearer that we are not at war and were not going to drown anyone?

NATO has NO losses! There is an increase - more than a hundred used diapers ... :-)

"Russia successfully managed to repel the provocation" - well, how was it repelled? What are the losses of NATO countries? Does NATO know that they have been recaptured?