MiG-31 fighters armed with P-74M missiles

New P-74M missiles entered service with the Russian Aerospace Forces

In the ranks of the Russian Aerospace Forces, new missiles for conducting close air combat P-74M have appeared. They reportedly complemented the MiG-31BM interceptor equipment.

As Izvestia reports, the missile is excellent for eliminating high-speed maneuverable aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and even cruise missiles. It was also noted in the article that this weapon can significantly improve the capabilities of heavy high-speed interceptors.

The P-74M found its first use in an exercise that took place a few days ago in Kamchatka.

In addition, it became known that ten more improved MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors entered service with the Russian Aerospace Forces. Soon they will be practicing ballistic missile shooting.

As Lieutenant General Valery Gorbenko, who is the former commander of the 4th Air Army of the Air Force and Air Defense, notes, close combat is the most difficult for almost any combat aircraft and its crew. First, machine-gun and cannon guns were used, then melee missiles began to be used.

Thus, this weapon of close air combat will improve the country's air defense and increase the versatility of weapons.

The MiG-31 is not intended for "close combat". Who breeds such ... "generals".