Israel lost $1 billion due to Iranian attack

Repelling Iran's night attack on Israeli territory cost the latter more than one billion dollars. According to the Financial Times, citing the words of a former Israeli military official, significant funds were spent on the use of defensive systems and consumables. This amount does not include the costs of Israel's allies, such as the United States, France and Great Britain, which sent their air forces to help.

The attack, carried out on the night of April 14, was a response by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to the destruction of the Iranian consulate in Syria by Israeli aircraft. Hundreds of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles were used during the operation, including Shahed kamikaze drones and Fattah and Fattah-2 hypersonic missiles. Iranian media stated that all launched hypersonic missiles reached their targets, however, there is not a single confirmation of this, while Israeli sources report the successful interception of all hypersonic missiles.

According to Israeli Defense Forces officials, more than 300 munitions were launched, including about 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles. However, despite the extensive attack, only a few rockets were able to reach Israeli territory, causing little damage.


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