Russian air defense


Due to NATO error, Russia will receive new radars and missiles against stealth fighters

Russia got the opportunity to adopt new air defense systems to combat the "stealth".

NATO's mistake, expressed in the transfer of fifth generation F-35 fighters to the Russian borders, turned into very serious troubles for the North Atlantic Alliance, since thanks to the constant basing of F-35 fighters, the Russian military will have the opportunity to create compact radars and air defense systems to combat combat aircraft of this type.

The appearance of Italian F-35 fighters in Estonia gives the Russian military a unique opportunity to study the means of tracking American stealth fighters, which will allow, in a fairly short time, to develop systems and radars that make it possible to detect F-35 fighters at distances of up to 300 kilometers. Moreover, in all likelihood, the emphasis will be placed on the creation of universal radars capable of working with the S-300, Buk, Tor complexes and even the Osa short-range air defense system, which will find a very wide interest among key Russian military partners.

“The development of new air defense systems rests mainly on the lack of material and the ability of the Russian military to research foreign technologies, however, when 100 F-4 fighters are deployed at a distance of less than 35 kilometers from the Russian borders, which are guaranteed to try to fly up to the Russian borders, it is logical to assume, that new advanced air defense systems and radars will appear in the shortest possible time ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that the circumstances of the deployment of F-35 fighters in this direction are still unknown.

The old 80s radar stations 5N84A "Oborona-14" and P-18 perfectly "see" stealth ... even a school of geese will be tracked ...