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The United States announced its intention to deploy its troops in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

Several thousand US troops could be stationed in Uzbekistan or Tajikistan.

The United States of America announced its intentions to deploy several thousand of its troops near the Russian borders. The deployment of American troops is planned in two regions - either on the territory of Tajikistan or on the territory of Uzbekistan, while it is planned to transfer troops to these regions from Afghanistan, but already before the end of this year.

The key problem today is the great influence in the region of Russia, however, the United States believes that such a task is solvable, at least according to the publication "The Wall Street Journal", the administration of Joseph Biden is negotiating on this matter.

“US military strategists are looking for options for deploying forces and equipment in Central Asia and the Middle East after US and allied forces leave Afghanistan in the coming months. Some military and Biden administration officials have argued that Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, which border Afghanistan and provide quick access, would be preferable. But Russia's large military presence in the region, China's growing presence, and tensions between them and Washington are complicating plans to host bases in Central Asia, officials said., - reports the publication "The Wall Street Journal".

The extent to which the former Soviet republics are interested in Washington's plans remains unknown, however, given the fact that Tajikistan has intensified its military cooperation with Russia, the most likely appearance of American troops in Uzbekistan.

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