Krasnodar Airport


Due to an error, the Transaero plane landed at the Krasnodar airport on the reconstructed strip

At the Krasnodar airport, the passenger Boeing 737 mixed up runways.

According to information received by information resource, the passenger airliner of the company "Transaero» Boeing 737-500, made a landing on the reconstructed runway. As a result of the landing, the aircraft received a number of damages, however, none of the people aboard the 115 (not including crew members - ed.) Were injured.

At the moment, all the circumstances of the incident are being investigated - according to the initial versions, the error of the aircraft commander was to blame, however, later there was a version that the emergency situation could also be caused by an error of the air traffic controller who incorrectly indicated the place for landing.

The landing of a passenger airplane on the reconstructed runway did not lead to a malfunction in the work of the international airport.


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