Due to the drone shot down by the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, the American MQ-9 Reaper generally stopped approaching Libya

Useless, according to the United States, the "armor" air defense system forced the US Air Force to stay away from Libyan borders.

Because of the incident that occurred in Libyan airspace during which the American drone MQ-9 Reaper was destroyed, the US is forced to stay away from airspace controlled by the Pantsir-S air defense missile system - not a single American from the moment the drone was destroyed the drone was no longer seen in the sky over an African country.

According to the US military command, the MQ-9 KReaper attack unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed precisely by the “Russians”, as stated by the representative of the African Command of the US Armed Forces, Stephen Townsend.

“This underscores the disastrous influence of Russian mercenaries, who have an effect on the outcome of the civil war in Libya, who are directly responsible for the recent and sharp increase in hostilities, casualties and destruction around Tripoli”- he said, emphasizing that the drone could be shot down by the “Russians” out of ignorance, however, earlier the representatives of the Libyan National Army completely closed this airspace for any flights, due to the blame for the loss of the drone entirely on the United States, which completely ignored the introduced Haftar army ban.

Why are the "Russians" quoted?
Not the first time I notice.
Like, Russia is not a Russian country?
Not long Kremlin put quotes ...

It doesn’t matter who shot down. Most importantly, they did everything right !!!