Due to the heat in the Leningrad region, the Mi-8 helicopter of the Russian Guard crashed

The reason for the crash of the Mi-8 Rosgvardia helicopter was the intense heat.

The previous evening in the Leningrad region, a Mi-8 helicopter of the Russian Guard, on board of which there were three people, crashed. According to a source, the blame was the intense heat, due to which the engine of the rotorcraft failed - an attempt to make an emergency landing on the ground failed.

On the eve of the day on the territory of the Leningrad region, an abnormally high air temperature was indeed recorded, and therefore, the version of overheating of the helicopter systems is quite justified.

In the photographs presented, you can see the first moments from the scene of the helicopter crash. It is known that the aircraft crashed far from settlements and none of those on the ground was injured. It is known that the plane crash occurred near the village of Korpikyulya in the Gatchina region.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the authorities and representatives of the Rosgvardia regarding the crash, and no details have been announced.

There are no mountains and gorges with updrafts in the Gatchina region.
MI-8 is a very proven machine, all "childhood diseases" have been identified, the control method has been worked out.
MI-8 two engines. Maybe the compressor has collapsed?
What is not reported with the crew.

The version does not stand up to criticism.