Israel prepares a strike on the area with the Syrian S-300 in response to the actions of Russia

Israel is preparing to bomb an area with Syrian S-300 air defense systems.

After Russia three times helped the Syrian military to repel attacks by the Israeli air force last week, it became known that the Israeli side is preparing for retaliatory actions directed against both Syria and Russia. According to some reports, the Israeli Air Force is currently preparing to strike the area with the Syrian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, which are deployed near Masyaf.

As follows from the information at the disposal of the news agency, Israel will motivate its attacks on the area where the Syrian air defense systems are located primarily by the fact that the Russian side allegedly intervened in the situation. Earlier it became known about some agreements between the Israeli and Russian sides that if Russia does not prevent strikes against Iranian targets, then targeted strikes on the positional areas of the air defense of the SAR will not be carried out.

“Israel is not a country that will backslide from its plans. It is logical to assume that the strike on the Syrian S-300 will be a challenge primarily for Russia. In addition, it should be assumed that in this way the IDF will eliminate the threat to its air force, since the S-300 air defense systems located at the SAA may well pose a threat to the Israeli air force. ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that during the last strike by Israeli F-16s, two missiles were successfully intercepted by Buk-M2E complexes.

They are Jews in Africa ... They have such a nation to do everything out of tishka!

Remember 1968?

I would like to see if America began to send missiles to Ukraine in order to fire them at its neighbor Russia !? Russia should not allow Syria for such a conspiracy with Iran! Then Israel will not have to destroy these arsenals !!! Israel has no intention of destroying and throw the entire people of Israel into the sea! But Iran has been repeating this for many decades and is sending its missiles to Syria for this, since it does not border on Israel!

And why are you so happy? They will figure it out without you! Israel will not allow Iranian missiles to be moved to Syria and directed towards Israel for destruction! Russia did not tolerate the same on its border!

Russia is also not a country that retreats at the first threat.
S-300s are expensive for Syria (it is not profitable to deliver on debt to Russia), as well as expensive and long training of Syrian settlements under the standard of acceptance for work.
It may be that it is more profitable then to show work and increase interest in purchasing the S-300 from Arab and Asian citizens.