Israel showed a video of the destruction of the Russian C-400

In Israel, showed the destruction of the Russian S-400.

The Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries announced the development of a new anti-burglar munition Mini Harpy, to demonstrate the capabilities of which it provided a video that can easily recognize the destruction of the Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile system, more precisely the 96Л6Е radar, which is part of composition.

The Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries has not yet been explained for the demo, however, this may be the reason for the scandal and cool political relations between the two countries.

As for the most patrolling ammunition, according to the data of Israel Aerospace Industries, we are talking about an unmanned aircraft carrying an 8-kilogram warhead. The maximum range of the “Mini Harpy” flight is 100 kilometers, and the ammunition itself can be in flight for up to two hours.

It should be clarified that earlier, with the help of the Harop drone, Israel really succeeded in destroying the Syrian air defense systems, in particular, the Tor system, the Pantsir-S system, the S-75 system, etc., were destroyed. that the “Mini Harpy” really represents a rather big danger.

I do not think that this "clip" was made by the Israelis. First, it is clear that the camera filming the installation is not far from it. That's bullshit. Secondly, if this happened, then the Israeli media wrote about it. Yes, they destroyed two "Pantsir" and then they attacked Israeli aircraft. The С400 did not fire nirazu in Syria, just like the С300.

Well, yes, they say that Israel destroyed all air defense in Syria. Syria does not have air defense at all, though Israel constantly destroys and destroys destroyed systems. They hit the wreckage))

Soyuzmultfilm specialists worked

you, how many do not try to reduce the achievements of Israel - you will need 100 more years to reach Israel using new technologies, agriculture, milk production, electronics and military equipment

This is a photo of where in the sight srk-400, the last photo of the Israeli drone, for hundredths of a second before the destruction of the Israeli drone, is called to see the missile s-400 and die.

Well done Israelites! Mastered another profession-multiplier.

only it is necessary to take into account that in the case of real waving, the factories and warehouses with these toys will be guaranteed to be destroyed.
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Can you get a video from the wreckage or not?

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This drone will not fly close to air defense systems and will be shot down by the usual "Needle".

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No guys. You need to know the performance characteristics of the drone, and then fight with it, even with a cartoon one. We already threw our hats on when we boasted that “our tanks are fast,” etc. We must respect any enemy if he considers himself to be such. Israel has a lot to learn, they don't buy helicopter carriers from France ...

Well, where the Israelis destroyed the C-400 complex, they fired at our base in Syria, this is another Israeli lie, and they destroyed the shell when it was not on duty, but in marching condition and the fault lies entirely on the Syrians For their carelessness, they proclaimed a good ZRPK, but after this incident, for some reason the Israelis stopped flying into Syrian territory for a long time, and rare attacks were made from Libyan territory.

any sensible and knowledgeable person will confirm that such an application of such an expensive means of intelligence is irrational and therefore impossible.

Cartoons draw well. And really get?

What kind of assholes we have in the Ministry of Defense. So, thanks to the Jews, there will be no one to sell our rusty, obsolete iron. It is necessary to fight with someone else’s hands, as the Americans have already been doing the latest 100 years. Give our allies brothers in arms the offensive missiles of the latest 100 modification so that they can launched them on the Jews with nuclear warheads and all? There will be less of one enemy state. How much can one tolerate such humiliation from Jews, where it looks to Shoigu. Enough of the cartoons that look about the heroes.

Yes, Israel is the aggressor. The policy of gencide of the founding fathers to the familiar Arab environment since its inception has led to the fact that he is reaping now.

Always respected Israel. There is no negativity, but this is just a multi-world. And friendship.

Missile to Syria? Congratulations, but this is planet Earth.

Strange you tovarischi.C memory you do not really.And with education.I will only say for the Finns, go back to my dear 1918-20 year.Historical information study about the actions of Finland and Norway (England, USA, Czech Republic ...) And more at the beginning of 2014, the Krymnash was not there yet, but the moskalaku on Gilyak was already. 10000 for Moskalya. Fuck you from a donut, not Sharapova (Russia).

And, we did IT before you on 55 years! ))))

Israel aggressor! He is bombing Syria, and not vice versa!
Georgia attacked Ossetia and got a face for it.
Russia regained its territory in Karelia, as before 1918, the whole of Finland was not, and Russia was. Japan, as an aggressor and ally of Germany, paid reparations in the form of 4 islands of the Kuril ridge, and this is fixed in the San Francisco Treaty.
8 September 1951 of the year in San Francisco concluded a peace treaty between Japan and the allies, according to which Japan waived its rights in the territory over which it acquired the Portsmouth Treaty of 5 September 1905 of the year.
Bad when there is no brain.

Robyaty, whatever you wrote today, no matter how laughed at the Jews, WE 5 hours ago sent our rocket and spacecraft to the moon and became the 4 space power. And this is good news.

Israel is a completely "chopped off" state.

Your answer, about: "Chop off", borders on the performance of comedians, are you so illiterate, or is it just stupid to cheat? Why expose your limitations in knowledge and thinking - for show?

This is the graphics.

Do you think this commercial is absurd? In advertising, the more absurd, the better. Help Israel spread the movie. Israel also wants to trade weapons. And so how effective is it tenth.

If not for Stalin, the Jews were not in the world

I agree. But the warning is serious. I think that to whom it was addressed I understood everything.

And where is the West here? Israel has excellent relations with the West. A huge trade turnover with Europe. Us as brothers. Many Israelis have relatives in the US. Many of the guys from American Jewish families come to Israel and serve in our army. Such an impression that you never lived in Israel. In one word, a troll.

Those who doubt the Israeli development of weapons, can visit India today and personally get acquainted with what doubts. Already there is a queue and people sign contracts. And to evaluate and criticize the designers you need to have an intelligence equal to these people. As your saying goes laughs the one who laughs last.

You say the aggressor? It was Israel that attacked Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova. A part of Finland and Japan were being dragged away. That Israel is threatening the whole world and saber-rattling. And whose soldiers are going to wash their boots in the Indian Ocean?

The majority of the Russian people have brothers, Arabs. And what is given to relatives, a gift. Russians prefer to give military equipment and the more equipment the better for Arabs and it is more difficult to explain to the average person how much this gift toy costs. It was good in the USSR, no one even knew where that much more money was spent capable of feeding, curing, teaching and generally giving people the opportunity to live well this small period of time that was allotted to a person.
But Russians behave like a class teacher in elementary school. They either prohibit Israel from bombing the Iranians, then they want to remove the Iranians on 100 km. From our borders. But the Iranians wanted to float on the class teacher and therefore we had to use tanks already. This suggests that the Russian today can not cope with the situation. Iran places its bases in dangerous proximity to the Russians with the expectation that they will not be bombed. The absurdity of the situation lies in the fact that there will be bombing and if this time the Russians can do without losses, then the next time there can be victims like the Russians and us. And this is what the most peaceful West wants. Hands of others to unleash a war. Hating Russia and no less hated Israel. Fight the fools, and we will help you west.
As for cartoons, but how can you show the operation of this unit without including elements of multi-drawing. Russia showed the same cartoon with the flight of a hypersonic rocket around the globe. Some Russian commentators saw that the rocket was killing off the 400 missile defense system, sorry, but that the Arabs have another technique?

Jewish cartoons

C-400 is praised. Maybe it works on our targets. But on the missiles of the United States, Israel and NATO is unlikely to be the same success.

A good cartoon, only in the living this can not be, because, C-400 at the CAA and Iran is not, and we do not supply them. But they don’t want to quarrel with us. After all, then it eliminates the consistency and common sense of Israeli politics.

All Israel is dying. Looks will not calm down. While on the head will not get. We urgently need to target our missiles at Israeli defense decision-making centers ..

Mdaa, dreams, dreams ... fabulously cartoon movie

Israel is a country of aggressor and is subject to criminal liability by the standards of International Laws. If tomorrow someone from the neighbors of this artificially created country shakes off with military projectile shells, the whole world will howl. Immediately raise the banner of the long-suffering nation and the Holocaust. The most long-suffering nation in the world is the Russians. We live and survive against all odds.

Drone flew out of the launcher on the jet propulsion. And then..? Flies with a propeller, as if nothing had happened. Or undocked him unnecessary part in flight?

Careful things to do, you have to do it, a number of people, too, who may get bored by the presence of the ohamest neighbor

It is very difficult to understand in which language you wrote your client.

That is how it happens "all ingenious is simple" Jews, as always, found a simple way out of the situation.

And what drones are no longer strayed and invisible

Hmm))) Dreamers, only they destroyed unprotected all objects))) and if there is also a missile defense installation next to it?
what they video is not showing is? because they suck in their projectile shell)))

I wonder why the desert complex is green?

Ahaha, showed a video of the destruction of the 400, the radar and the flights of its aircraft and cancer, which even non-existent. Just know how to draw beautiful cartoons and have great imagination

There is no one to put anybody, ours are too neat, even for the destroyed plane there was nothing to do. Even during the union, the Pakistanis beat our planes adequately did not answer

Not really graphics for a computer game!

Cartoon beautiful !!!

Destruction of air defenses locking ammunition ... You do not laugh? Who will allow him to patrol?

I think both Gaddafi and Saddam would be alive and well so far .. and in Syria they did not catch fire .. Suddenly ...
The Jews want to burn out with someone else’s hands, and then stay there ... They are like a cuckoo — they have a piece of land, and they have already quarreled all around the gnioilia. long....

And let's see, I think if Russia puts down the Jews, nothing terrible will happen. Russia endured once, because everything was really controversial there, although there is evidence of the event, they covered up. So if Russia gets involved and bangs at Israel's planes, if rockets start falling next to us, there will be nothing for Russia, they will bounce and no longer climb out, and so, by the way, if Russia gives the go-ahead to Iran, Israel will not be very clever at home the same "home". Do they need it? I suppose that Russia deeply does not care about the irascible leadership of Israel, they are watching like a child and that's it. But it can also give bunches, maybe, maybe we gave them a house, and we can take it if anything.

Israel is not the strongest country, it can only fight with Palestine, but Iran is afraid, otherwise it would have launched missile strikes on Iran. For Russia, Israel is too small, even to compare funny. Russia will not destroy Israel because there are so many compatriots who have left the USSR, and family ties. Moreover, the USSR was the initiator of the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, and only in the USSR was a Jewish autonomous republic.

"Video recording" is a loud saying. Don't you think?

Class and what's in the cartoon current radar and not all of our weapons and still not enough of our soldiers running in a panic. Maybe it's time for Israel to remember who saved them from the gas chambers. And who is able to wipe out any state on the planet.

It is not clear what Israel should feel guilty about? Russia is doing its military business, supplying the Syrians with the numbers they are interested in, Israel is its own, because before threats either they fall down or they resist. So no need to let on the severity of the class teacher on the subject of the Middle East, and adjust in accordance with reality.

Yeah, already scared.

yeah let them do it only in their dreams, in fact they won't even be able to utter a sound



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