Shot down a drone


Israel again attacked Syria - one drone shot down, the second captured

The Syrian military shot down another Israeli drone and seized control of another.

A few hours ago, two unmanned aerial vehicles capable of dropping grenades and small artillery shells at ground targets were discovered on the border with Israel. The Syrian military managed to take control of one of the drones and successfully land it, while the second drone was shot down by small arms fire.

As follows from the data of the Telegram community of Gallifrey Technologies, apparently referring to information from the Syrian news agency SANA, both drones are similar to those used by the Israeli military to attack the capital of neighboring Lebanon.

In the photographs presented, you can see that one of the drones received minor damage, however, obviously, therefore, could not continue the flight, while the second did not receive visible damage.

It should be clarified that two days earlier one of the Israeli drones was shot down near Damascus, which obviously indicates the fact that Israel continues to destabilize the situation in the Middle East, and that it is likely that such an attack was not coordinated with the Russian military.

It is noteworthy that officially there are no means of electronic intelligence and control in Syria’s armament, and therefore, the issue of seizing control over one of the Israeli drones raises a lot of questions.

Long time ago!

I believe that they do it by accident. They flirt with airplanes and do not notice how they fly to Damascus. But actually they are good in themselves. True, when they sleep, in a dream they do not touch anyone. But this is so from the outside, and in a dream they can be blown up and executed ...

Good news. The next stage - together with Russia to massively shoot down Israeli F-16 and F-35

the only question is, is Israel intentionally destabilizing the situation in Syria?