Israeli fighters strike at Syrian airbase with Russian military

The airbase with the Russian military was attacked by Israeli fighters.

At midnight, at least two Israeli F-16 fighters launched missiles at T4 airbase in the Syrian province of Homs, where the Russian, Syrian and Iranian military are located. The attack was completely atypical in nature, however, it was almost completely repelled by air defense.

Sources report that the attack was carried out by Israel controlled by the United States and the Kurds of northeastern Syria, while some sources say that F-16 fighters were used for the attack, while others report the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, which, to In a word, they were allegedly shot down after launching missiles.

It is known that the attack on the Syrian military air base was repelled, while there were no casualties and casualties, however, there is some material damage, which obviously indicates the fact that several missiles nevertheless fell on the territory of the military air base.

It is noteworthy that part of the Syrian military T4 airbase is used not only by the Iranian, but also by the Russian military, which raises the question of whether Israel coordinated its attacks with Moscow and whether Tel Aviv’s actions will lead to unpredictable retaliatory steps from Russia.

It must be clarified that this is not the first Israeli attack on the Russian-Iranian-Syrian air base, when Russian troops are on it.