China has worked out a massive strike on Taiwan with the use of 25 drones at once

25 PLA Air Force drones have completed the most massive drone attack in history.

A few hours ago, the PLA Air Force worked out one of the most massive drone attacks in history. A swarm of 4 Chinese CH-XNUMX reconnaissance and strike UAVs sent to Taiwan was in the area of ​​​​the island's border for a long time. This, taking into account the weapons available to these drones, would allow China to instantly inflict about a hundred strikes on the infrastructure of the island, for example, in order to disable radar and air defense equipment, without risk to the pilots of the Chinese Air Force.

In the above image, you can see the route of movement of a group of 25 Chinese strike unmanned aerial vehicles CH-4. According to preliminary data, the drones were controlled synchronously. This means that with just one command, the drones could simultaneously strike at already identified targets. Moreover, given that drones have an automated target detection system, drones could well be used to correct strikes by operational-tactical missile systems against identified targets.

Given the number of strike drones in service with the PRC, the attack on the island of Taiwan could have been on a much larger scale - for obvious reasons, the authorities of the island would not have been able to oppose anything to the Chinese drones.