China bans Russian airlines from landing at its airports

Aircraft of the largest Russian airlines have been banned from flying to China.

The Chinese authorities dealt a serious blow to the Russian air transportation sector by banning Russian airlines from using Boeing and Airbus aircraft to fly to China. Such a decision could seriously damage Russian airlines, which, in fact, use passenger airliners to operate flights to the largest cities in China.

According to the information provided, the PRC authorities have officially notified Russian air carriers that airlines are prohibited from using Airbus and Boeing airliners to fly to China. Transit flights will be allowed, however, it is strictly forbidden to make intermediate landings, including for refueling. The reasons for this are not disclosed, however, the decision may be due to the fact that the aircraft of Russian airlines have had their airworthiness licenses revoked, although it is possible that the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world could put pressure on China in this way.

Russian airlines have not yet commented on the ban on flights to China on Boeing and Airbus passenger aircraft, however, after the European ban on flights, such a blow from Beijing could clearly become critical for all Russian airlines flying to China.