Column MLRS "Hurricane" destroyed a few minutes after unloading the train

The Uragan MLRS column was destroyed in less than half an hour after unloading from railway platforms.

The Uragan multiple launch rocket systems deployed to the front did not have time to take part in the hostilities, as they were destroyed immediately after arriving at one of the railway stations on the territory of Ukraine. As soon as the rocket systems were unloaded from the railway platforms and began to line up in a convoy for subsequent movement to the base area, powerful rocket and artillery strikes were launched against them, as a result of which at least 6 heavy MLRS installations were destroyed.

On the presented video frames taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see that the movement of the train and the column was carefully monitored. As soon as the MLRS column began to line up in a marching column, a powerful blow was dealt to it. Part of the combat vehicles received critical damage. This led to spontaneous detonation of the combat set and, subsequently, to additional explosions that damaged, among other things, other equipment.

According to preliminary data, the video footage was filmed in the Kharkiv region a few days ago. At the same time, there is no data on the loss of equipment and weapons to the current moment.