Ships of the Israeli fleet underwent a surprise attack ... from under the water

The Israeli fleet attacking the Gaza Strip came under a surprise attack from under the water.

A few hours ago, members of radical Palestinian movements carried out an unusual and unexpected attack for the Israeli fleet. Thus, according to information obtained by the news agency, members of the Hamas movement used their unmanned submarine (the presence of the latter among the Palestinians was never previously reported), which tried to attack Israeli ships.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that the Israeli Air Force and Navy attacked a Hamas submarine off the coast of Gaza. This new line of attack is extremely dangerous. Israeli warplanes and warships have located a target at sea, which is believed to be an "unmanned submarine" of the armed group Hamas. If this Hamas attack were successful, it is likely that Israel would have suffered heavy casualties. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the underwater object was discovered and identified as an "armed submarine" allegedly belonging to the Hamas naval forces. The IDF statement said: "This submarine was delivered to the coast, and it looks like it was preparing for an offensive operation in Israeli waters."- сообщает edition "SOHA" with reference to the Israeli media.

According to some reports, the underwater unmanned vehicle could have been transferred to the Palestinians by the Iranian side.

As for the Hamas attack itself, it ended in failure.


Is a terrorist state using nuclear weapons against a terrorist organization several tens of kilometers from its border? And what a great idea, I like it!

If you are sitting on a chair, and your opponent is sitting on the next chair, resting on you with an elbow, will you use a NUCLEAR weapon against him ?! Only if you are tired of living ...

Because Israel exists only as long as the Muslim world is split and is at enmity with each other. After the use of nuclear weapons, Muslims will temporarily unite and Israel will not.

Why Israel has not yet used nuclear weapons against terrorists in the Gaza Strip.