Korea has something to brag about: new 5th generation KF-X fighter

In South Korea, in the industrial park of the city of Sacheon, a presentation of the prototype of the 5th generation fighter was held. Initially, the aircraft was equated to a generation 4,5 (4 ++) fighter.

The event was attended not only by representatives of the Korean authorities and companies, but also by Indonesian Defense Minister F. Subianto. The foreign guest did not arrive there by chance - earlier a contract for joint development was signed between Seoul and Jakarta. The initial cost of work under the contract is estimated at $ 8 billion, according to Korean media reports.

The presented prototype of the new fighter, also called the KF-21, uses a technological variant similar in many respects to the existing 5th generation fighters, including the American F-35.

According to the Korean Prime Minister, the creation of such an aircraft will bring the Republic of Korea and Indonesia "among the countries of the world capable of independently creating a new generation of combat aircraft."

It was noted at the event that the new fighter will be distinguished by a high level of robotization and automation, and will also receive a stealth coating. Its internal fuselage compartments will house missile weapons. It has been confirmed that the KF-X will be single-seated. The creation of its combat training options has not yet been discussed.

At the same time, Korean observers do not get tired of arguing over which generation this aircraft should be ranked as. In particular, it is said that even when receiving stealth coverage, there is no reason to equate it with the fifth generation.