The Kremlin called the main goal of Russia at the moment

The Kremlin called the main goal of Russia at the moment.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov announced the key goal of Russia, the achievement of which is the most important for the country at the moment. As it turned out, the main goal is to continue fulfilling the tasks of a special military operation. It is on this that all the main Russian goals are focused, and, obviously, this fact testifies to the importance of the NWO.

“Our main goal is to continue the special military operation, the main goal is to fulfill our tasks, which were outlined by the head of state”, - said Dmitry Peskov.

The timing of achieving the goals of the JEE has not yet been announced, however, obviously, the key factor is precisely their achievement, regardless of how much time it takes.

According to official data, today the special military operation in Ukraine is carried out in accordance with the established goals and objectives. This obviously indicates that Russia's key goal is being successfully fulfilled at the moment.


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