Military Air Force doctrine


Large-scale military exercises of the Air Force are held in the Kaliningrad region

22 of March. In the Kaliningrad region began large-scale military air exercises, which involve not only combat aircraft, such as ground attack aircraft, fighters and bombers, but also helicopters.

The main purpose of the exercises currently underway is to work out situations to intercept violators of the airspace, and the exercises are taking place in any way, by the way, recently NATO has pulled at least ten military fighters to the eastern borders of the European Union. It is worth noting that the latter, often approaching the very border in order to assess the scale of the exercises.

It is worth emphasizing that the exercise really ambitious, because the pilots of combat vehicles are not only carried out the shooting and the bombing of the instrument, but also learn to hit the target on the eye, approaching, thus maximizing a combat situation, when the account is every fraction of a second.

The main combat vehicles involved in large-scale exercises are the Sukhoi Su-24 and fighters SU-27And in addition they used MI-28 helicopters, military aircraft refueling IL-78 etc.