La Repubblica: Russian cruiser blocked US Navy aircraft carrier strike group

A Russian warship blocked the movement of an American aircraft carrier strike group.

The Russian missile cruiser Varyag, which is currently in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, blocked the US Navy aircraft carrier strike group in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, which intended to leave the region. It was decided not to sanctify the incident, since tensions between NATO and Russia were very serious and the risk of direct clashes was very high. This is reported by the Italian edition of "La Repubblica".

“No one noticed, but three weeks ago, the Russian fleet in the Adriatic was on the verge of a collision with NATO ships. This happened in Italian waters, along the coast facing Abruzzo and Apulia. It is possible that such a blitz can be repeated by the Russian fleet as a whole.- сообщает italian editionThe Republic»

It is noted that the maneuver of the Russian ship was intended to block the movement of the American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman", which in recent months has been cruising between Sicily and the Adriatic. The Russian maneuver was a delicate challenge to NATO naval command that continued after 22 July. However, it is noted that the Russian cruiser "Varyag" did not demonstrate any aggression.

At the moment, there are no official statements from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation at the disposal of the editors of - information on this subject has not been confirmed or refuted.


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