Lukashenko is angry


Lukashenka tore up the integration agreement with Russia for good

Lukashenko refused to integrate with Russia - forever.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, against the background of the election of the country's leader, announced that integration with Russia is no longer possible. According to Lukashenka, this is due not only to his personal choice, but also to the choice of Belarusian citizens, and this decision is final.

“President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko finally admitted the impossibility of political integration with Russia. The broadcast of the interview of the head of state to Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon is available on YouTube. “Even if I had agreed to unification, Belarus would never accept it. The people are overripe. This could have been 20-25 years ago. Not now, ”he said. Earlier, Lukashenko reproached Russia for changing the fraternal attitude towards the republic to a partner one. At the same time, he stressed that the countries will still remain the closest allies ", - about it сообщает publication.

Experts believe that with such a statement Lukashenka is only trying to make himself a certain rating a few days before the elections, since in reality, negotiations on integration are still underway, although not so actively.

“Lukashenka announced about integration not 20-25 years ago, but only a few months ago, and suddenly changed his mind. It is possible that this may be due to another flirtation of Minsk with the West, since more than 30 Russian citizens have already been detained in Belarus on trumped-up charges in the planned coup d'etat. ", - said the analyst

Earlier, information appeared that Russia and Belarus could not agree on the further use of Belarusian bases by the Russian military for their own purposes, however, there are no official comments on this matter either from Russia or from Belarus.

What a count. If we never saw Lukashenka himself again, it would be the greatest happiness

Well, great! It remains to quarrel with China and some will have nowhere to run, if anything ...

This should have been done 30 years ago, how much money Russia spent on these integrators. Huge salaries, offices, etc.



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