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The pilots did not want to answer Putin to the question whether they like the Su-57

Testing pilots evasively answered the president to the question "Do you like Su-57?"

On Tuesday, May 14, President Vladimir Putin was on a working visit to the Astrakhan Region. The arrival of the presidential side was pretty spectacular. He was accompanied by six of the latest Russian fighter Su-57.

The case at the airport Akhtubinsk was unique. A group of planes went up to meet the number one side; the Air Force of the Russian Federation had not yet been commissioned. They were fifth-generation fighters equipped with engines of the first stage (first stage), and in the process of testing.

When Vladimir Putin asked if they liked the new car, the pilots answered that the fifth generation aircraft was being tested. Such a response can be called evasive. The pilots thus made it clear that the testers can not characterize the car on the principle of "like or dislike." To this, the president stressed that the Su-57 fighter should be the best in the world.

However, we must not forget that there is no direct dependence on test pilots here. These pilots have their own tasks. One of them said that he had made about a hundred flights on Su-57.

"that there is no direct dependence on the test pilots" - as not, for this purpose the tests are carried out, the test pilot says what and how to modify and then tests it again!

The test pilot must fly off on everything that can fly and decently fly on everything that cannot fly in principle - a saying from that environment

6 fighter in the form of a star of David
Das East Colossal



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