Russian Defense Ministry Confirms Loss of Large Number of Shell-S SAMs in Libya and Syria

The media of the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the large losses of the Shell-S missile defense system in Libya and Syria.

Statements by the Turkish side about a serious blow to Russian weapons in Libya and Syria turned out to be reliable. This is evidenced by information provided by the Russian publication Zvezda, which works closely with the country's defense department. As it turned out, Turkey used the vulnerabilities of the Russian complex and therefore could use drones to destroy the systems from various distances, and although the exact number of lost Shell-S missiles in Syria and Libya was not disclosed, Turkey previously stated that it could be a matter of destruction 30-40 "Shell" of various configurations.

“According to the official TTX“ Pantsir-C1 ”, the target detection station has a viewing area: in azimuth 360 °, in elevation 0-60 ° or 40-80 °. This indicates the presence of a significant "dead funnel" in the first case - 60 °. In the second case, the “dead zone" is 10 ° and 20 °. The total "dead funnel" in the second case will be 40 °. There are different ways to break into the “dead zone” invisible to radar, both at low and medium, as well as at high altitudes, including at minimum altitude and maximum speed, or at maximum high altitude and maximum speed. <...> The above quote from an authoritative source prepared by the Russian Ministry of Defense and manufacturers of air defense equipment suggests that the Pantsir-C1 air defense missile defense system perfectly sees targets with an image intensifier of 0,03 m². Given the significant size of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAV, and its length is 6,5 m, the wingspan is 12 m, the effective reflective surface of this drone allows the Carapace to both see it and, accordingly, strike it ”- сообщает Russian weekly Zvezda.

In fact, representatives of the Russian military department recognize the vulnerability of the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, and the relevance of the issue raised means that the losses of the Russian systems are indeed colossal. On the other hand, the current shortcomings could well be corrected in the new modification of the Shell, especially since these weapons protect the Russian borders, and therefore improving this complex is an urgent task for Russian developers.

We have all known for a long time how the Internet and everything in it is used by anyone to disseminate information! True, not true, basically very distorted information, which is designed for suspicious people who have no time to think or do not know how to do it) News, this is just one way to control the masses. Considering that Russia has been actively developing new weapons recently, which is crowding out other countries from the market, and significantly increasing its influence in the world, it is not surprising that such information appears on the network in such volumes)

Bullshit. We supply weapons, but do not train. Where is the logic?

These angles were visible from the first vidos. In any case, the Carapace must move in pairs, at a decent distance, without turning off the radars.

Link to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation WHERE? HELLO Amsterdam ....

So how many "confirmed"?

Almost all lies. The star talked about the capabilities of the complex. But no one gave “confessions”. And even more so MO. So far, no one cited the clear figures of losses. Typical article for informational background

But is it really impossible to place the Pantsir-S air defense missile defense system so that the second overlaps the dead zone of the first, the third - of the second, etc.

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It’s strange that in Syria there’s not a single misfire near the Shell, but in Libya it’s a little, it seems that untrained personnel manage, which is most likely

there is no perfect technique
especially exploited by the Arabs
the losses are apparently really real
real and the division ratio
I think 8 - 10 ..... the Turks are ...

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Rave. In the video, the Turks destroyed it is not known what, but in all cases the objects are not in a combat position and it is ridiculous to talk about blind spots in this case.

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Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses, and the presence of a "dead crater" in various air defense systems has not been a secret for a long time, but all this does not mean that "hundreds" of "Shells" were destroyed in Syria and Libya ... and there is no evidence of this here I have not seen

Followed the link to the source. Everything is exactly the opposite. Well, who is reading the source now? ) Sketch, in short

The illiterate use of even the most modern weapons does not mean that they are bad weapons. This suggests that there is a monkey with a grenade. They (Siriput and Levandos) transported the complexes without security, positioned themselves in such a way that they did not cover each other, this is an elementary lack of the concept of tactics for using the given forces and means, and also not knowledge of the technical characteristics.

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I also have not found this anywhere, in all kinds of rambler, tape, etc. there is - but there is no Star

Turkey stated that it could be a question of destroying 30–40 “Shells” of various configurations. Where is it written that the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed this? Another fake news.

The author doesn’t even drive in the photo to see that the rotating radar is not in working condition and basically these are photos or with fired missiles


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In which edition? Which article?
There are certain rules for using such systems, if they are not followed, then this is just a pile of scrap metal.

Well, some kind of nonsense !!! I follow all the news, as one complex is known, lost due to the fact that it was without ammunition. After this, the case the complexes are always charged, but what does the author not say how much? drones destroy Russian Shell, in Syria, a lot very much. So this is all a lie.

Yes, what vulnerabilities. If the Turks themselves showed padded or damaged shells, which are now in the hangar, then where are they moving. They were not even in a combat situation. With such success, any transport can be knocked out.

In fact, everyone knows that Russia is selling a “simplified version” of its military equipment with artificially lowered characteristics for export.
Therefore, there is no reason to panic.
But the experience gained by the "toy" "Shell" is useful for modernization.

eot and Putin's tales about our military shield "unsurpassed" weapons. and other tales of Putin

Ummmm. And where is the title confirmed in the text?
Where is the confirmation, author?

It would be interesting to read links to this data .. And then again, rumors ..