Turkish Defense Ministry: S-400 purchased from Russia were not ready for enemy attacks

Turkey made a reservation about the unwillingness of the Russian S-400 air defense systems to attack enemy aircraft.

Despite the fact that Turkey has acquired the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems for a long time and has already tested them many times, against the background of refusal to use the services of Russian military specialists, Turkey still cannot put the systems on alert for the country. Information on this matter was announced by the Turkish Ministry of Defense, stressing that because of such actions, Ankara is not ready to fight air targets and enemy aircraft.

As follows from the statement made by Rear Admiral of the Turkish Navy Jihat Yayci, Turkish territory and Turkish airspace are very vulnerable to attacks by any enemy, since the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems acquired earlier from Russia still cannot be used due to some problems that have arisen.

“It became important for us to activate the S-400 without negotiating with anyone. By activating them, we must ensure the security of our state and our nation. The S-400 system is not an offensive system, it is not an offensive weapon. This system is a “weapon of defense”. If planes try to attack us, this system will intervene. You cannot bomb Greece with the S-400 system. You cannot bomb Damascus with the S-400 system. But all Greece has is an offensive system. Against who? Against Italy? Against Albania? Against Macedonia? Against Bulgaria? Against who? Against Turkey! "- said the rear admiral of the Turkish Navy.

Exactly what problems Turkey has with the deployment and activation of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems is not specified. Experts identify two possible reasons: the lack of certain knowledge among Turkish military specialists and the likely "disassembly" of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, since a little earlier in Turkey they announced that they were ready to create their own analogue of the S-400 air defense systems within the next few years.

Have you tried to include it?

Instead of thinking about the war with the Turks or the Islamic world, you would think about how people live in Russia, why gasoline is getting more expensive and the dollar, look for answers to these questions, look for an answer to the question how much a citizen should pay tax to the state, how much gasoline or gas should cost or coal, and you're all about the war with someone.

The Turks have an export option, but what is there under the contract, some Turks know.

Erdogan promises in 2_4 years they will build an analogue of the C 400 themselves, I don’t want to believe it, but he says and does

Jurij, child, they are sewn in .. They cannot be removed without burning the whole car along the way without pulling out what you are looking for .. At the time of the hijacking of the MiG 25 - this technology did not exist yet .. The Americans were the first to introduce it in the 80s already .. Russia only in the zero years

Lies .. S-400 can bomb ground targets .. This is not its purpose, but it is possible .. Economically not profitable .. Another question .. But you can .. All air defense systems of Russia can be used on the ground

If the Turks bought them against Russia and its allies, then here they missed ...

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Rather, the Turkish army does not want to fight for Erdogan

Turkish Defense Ministry: "S-400 purchased from Russia were not ready for enemy attacks."

Yes Yes. That is why Turkey has not abandoned the S-400 contract, despite the pressure from the United States, and is looking forward to the end of the supply of the complex under the contract.

C 400 cannot shoot down Russian planes, and in those regions everything flies on Russian planes from Iran and Egypt to Armenia Azerbaijan to Syria

maybe someone will tell the Turks that Russian air defense systems cannot shoot down Russian planes. Built-in systems your someone else's work! And they wanted to shoot down Russian planes on the border with Syria? that's a bummer!

Russian Windows, have long been captured by the enemy. Why does Windows weigh more for Russia than for Europe?

Or maybe only passenger planes can shoot down the S400.
It was just that the Turks got the scrap metal!

On Turkish C 400 there can be no Russian systems of identification of friend or foe. Put the codes of the suicide system into the hands of the enemy.
After the hijacking of the Mig 25, Belenko was a nimble all over the USSR to change codes throughout the country. It cost a lot of money and time at this time the country was not protected from air attacks. The identification system is the most guarded military secret.

100% information?

The S-400 air defense system will not be able to shoot down Russian planes and missiles, the identification systems will not give, but this system turns on after launch and cannot be removed, a Trojan horse in the Russian version

In Russia there is a saying "monkey with a grenade" and so get off the palm tree and everything will work. They will say to me that the Turks have technology and this is a reason to laugh. If Turkey is pulled through the Russian 90, then only geography will remain, as in fact, practically any of the states.

They want the S-400 to be used on our aircraft.

easier to disassemble than to assemble.