A multi-kilometer column of Iranian military equipment moved to the border of Azerbaijan after harsh statements from Baku

After harsh statements from Baku, Iran sent a multi-kilometer convoy of military equipment and artillery to the border with Azerbaijan.

The harsh rhetoric and provocations from Azerbaijan turned into a very serious reaction for Baku from Tehran, which may well, against the background of statements by the Azerbaijani authorities and deputies, unleash a full-scale armed conflict. At the disposal of the news agency was a video recording of a multi-kilometer convoy of military equipment from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It included dozens of tanks, self-propelled artillery installations, light armored vehicles, etc. According to sources, the column of military equipment stretched for 8 kilometers.

If until recently Iran only carried out military exercises on the border with Azerbaijan, then the current dispatch of military equipment to the Azerbaijani border may indicate Tehran's very serious intentions to demonstrate its strength to Baku. Taking into account the provocations committed by the Azerbaijani servicemen, Iran may well perceive any illegal crossing of the borders of the Islamic republic or opening fire towards the Iranian military as direct aggression and retaliate with destructive strikes against Azerbaijan.

“The war in Karabakh inspired the Azerbaijani authorities so much that they lost all connection with reality in Baku. Iran can easily destroy most of the territory of Azerbaijan in a few hours, but instead of trying to relieve tension in the situation, Azerbaijan creates new provocations ", - the expert marks.

Earlier, against the backdrop of threats to Tehran, Iran announced its readiness to put Baku in its place.