Missile strikes


Multiple ballistic missile strike on one target hit the video

Multiple ballistic missile attacks on the same target are discussed on the Web.

A strike with just one ballistic missile on any concentration of the enemy is guaranteed to lead to its destruction, however, a video appeared on the Web, which captured a repeated strike by short and medium-range ballistic missiles on the same area.

In the video footage presented, you can see how Iranian ballistic missiles strike at the same area. The launches were carried out as part of the military maneuvers of the Islamic republic, however, a strike on one target is not just a spectacular show that allows Iran to demonstrate its power, but also a real strategy of striking the enemy in the conditions that the latter will use air and missile defense ...

The Network reacted violently to such attacks, calling them delightfully accurate and deadly.

"I lost count of the number of ballistic missile strikes, but if it were any Iranian adversary, the latter would not have a single chance - Washington should think about it."

"Iran has once again shown that it is ready for any retaliatory strikes, no matter who it is - Israel or the United States."

"Now imagine for a moment that it could be nuclear ballistic missiles ..."

It should be noted that some of the Iranian ballistic missiles were fired in the direction of American warships, however, the latter struck the surface of the water about 80 miles from the US Navy.

Yes, it looks more like the houses in the picture, filled with explosives, are exploding))

Undermining pre-mined targets.
Good visibility. Five targets - five detonations in place.

Why did you decide that these are "rockets" !?